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US Open Tennis Championships Trends

Buzz surrounding last year’s US Open Tennis Championships started increasing when qualifications for the tournament began in mid-August. The biggest spike from last year’s tournament occurred surrounding the women’s matches, particularly Naomi Osaka’s surprising win over Serena Williams. Content around the men’s matches included hype around the top contenders like Djokovic, Federer, & Nadal.

The US Open Tennis Championships qualifiers are just beginning & Spectrum has identified over 3.7MM people reading content about the tournament over the last 30 days. Popular articles people are reading include fan week events before the tournament begins & predictions for match winners.

What content do you expect will trend during this year’s tournament? Don’t miss your chance to connect with tennis fans who index highly for household income, higher education, & discretionary spending power. Spectrum can engage with your ideal consumers as they’re staying up to date with the latest news surrounding the US Open Tennis Championships taking place over the next few weeks.

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