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Trending This Week: Facebook Targeting Announcement

Facebook removes targeted advertising options in response to growing scrutiny from regulators (via The Washington Post:

Facebook recently announced that they will be removing demographic targeting capabilities from landlords, lenders, & employers who used specific categories like age, gender, & zip codes, to reach their target audiences. While these Facebook demographic categories are under scrutiny for potentially violating anti-discrimination laws, Spectrum’s custom audiences offer a solution by leveraging the content people consume as a signal of their intent. By starting with a collection of URLs that are ideal examples of pages people are consuming, we create custom audiences based on Brand Specific, Audience Specific, & Audience Relevant categories.

Are you or your clients promoting credit cards, loans, job opportunities, or apartment rentals on Facebook? The image below shows how we would reach your ideal consumers based on the content they are reading, plus our custom audiences can be exported to Facebook, the open web, & other social platforms for targeting.

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