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There’s still time to get in on the World Cup action!

These days, all people are talking (& reading about) is the World Cup, literally! According to Spectrum’s topic engine, in the past 30 days alone, there are over 214,000 pages discussing the international soccer tournament, totaling a monthly forecast of over 231MM impressions! Buzz has been building consistently since the end of May (see trend chart below) & we expect this trend to continue well into July through the rest of the competition. This means you still have time to align your brand with this content & Spectrum’s here to help! Looking at trending topics within the World Cup sphere, we can see that readers are interested in match schedules, standings, stats, & how to catch all the games online. In addition to this, our technology is able to identify participating countries that have been generating the most content consumption. Spanish language countries such as Spain, Argentina, & Mexico have seen prominent consumption as well as Portuguese speaking countries like Brazil & Portugal. This is a good indicator of the types of audiences you could be reaching at large scale!

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