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Spectrum’s Monthly Trending Topics – June 2019

Interested in aligning your brand with current events while still being mindful of brand safety? By using our Trending Topics Content Target, we can provide insight into what is most popular online as well as ways to align with – or protect your brand against – these topic trends. For example, over the past 30 days we have found spikes in:

  • Sports – NBA Finals & Draft, Women’s World Cup, & Formula 1 French Grand Prix. Support your sponsorships & reach fans in real-time as relevant sporting events occur throughout the year.

  • News & Politics – Dominican Republic content continues to trend. For travel advertisers, we recommend blacklisting this story from relevant Content Targets until this topic fades further.

  • Entertainment – There is still buzz around HBO content even though Game of Thrones ended. This trend suggests that TV shows can still be relevant even after they end & marketers can reach fans that would be interested in similar TV shows, movies, & games or fans of GOT cast members in new upcoming roles.

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