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Spectrum's Monthly Trending Topics & Available Page-Level Impressions

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Spectrum’s proprietary platform analyzes content trends across its entire index to reach people reading about pop culture, current news, politics, & beyond. Over the past 30 days, Spectrum’s Trending Topics Content Target identified over 8 billion page-level impressions & found the following spikes in content:

Pop Culture & Entertainment – Within the pop culture world, Meghan Markle & Prince Harry announced they wanted to step down as senior royals, and this announcement generated over 46MM available page-level impressions. There is already buzz around Meghan’s return to acting, with trending articles about her accepting a voice-over role for a Disney movie. Spectrum can create Content Targets around “The Royal Family” or “Disney Enthusiasts” for advertisers interested in reaching pop culture & entertainment fans.

Current News – A popular topic within the news has been around the Australian bushfires with over 11MM matching cookieless opportunities. While content around the fires happening in Australia is devastating, there is also positive content around nonprofit organizations & ways to donate towards the country’s recovery. A Spectrum Content Target around “Philanthropy” would be beneficial for an advertiser reaching charitable audiences.

Politics – With 2020 being the next presidential election year, we expect political content to be top of mind for many Americans. Over the last month, there have been over 125MM available page-level impressions with the most buzz around Trump’s impeachment & the attacks on Iran. A Content Target around “Politics” would be beneficial for B2B or finance sectors that are impacted by government announcements, or political advertisers looking to promote a candidate for the upcoming election. Spectrum’s proprietary platform also has the ability to blacklist topics that relate to Trump or Iran, if your brand does not want to align with content around politics.

Based on your campaign goals, we can hone in on any topic to create a custom Content Target strategy for your brand. Contact us to learn more about using our cookieless and/or audience segments on your next managed service and/or self-service campaign.

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