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Spectrum Platform Page-Level Performance Features

As the advertising industry moves away from third-party cookie targeting, Spectrum’s cookieless solution offers targeting at the page-level. By focusing on page-level impressions, our latest platform release helps brands better understand and monetize relevant content for cookie-free media buys.

By developing custom Content Targets for a campaign, we can see the number of pages and page-level impressions available on a specified set of topics. With Spectrum’s newest platform release, we can now measure how those pages are distributed across the various Content Targets in your custom targeting plan. This provides marketers with a detailed understanding of where your audience resides within those topics. In addition, we can compare your Content Targets to the overall composition of all opportunities we have observed across the web. This allows our customers to understand the percent of available users they are reaching across the web and nimbly adjust their plan to better achieve their target audience and scale goals.

Using these insights, we can inform brands of specific topics that will allow them to target many of the available cookieless opportunities on the web. To further scale media buys, we can also use our Audience Intelligence Report to find additional topics for brands to target. As online advertising continues to move closer to a post-cookie world, Spectrum’s reliable and effective contextual targeting can solve for this problem today. Contact us to learn more.

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