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Spectrum Good News Initiative: Coronavirus & Good Deeds Trending Topics

Americans & people across the world feel better when we help others during trying times. It lessens stress when we’re able to pitch in.

The Spectrum team came up with an idea & we decided we were uniquely qualified to provide this as a public service/distraction during a stressful period for everyone. We are not doing this for any commercial reason whatsoever. Rather we hope that what we are publishing here will bring inspiration to you & others, & show what we as individuals can do during these trying times.

Since Spectrum can surface what matters most to people, we seeded a Content Target with stories of individuals doing good deeds around the coronavirus pandemic we’re all living through. We were able to find the content and keep all the other ambiguity from it, & in the last 12 hours our engine has added almost 20% new pages.

Here are links to popular stories that have been trending this week: Mom in Vermont started a Facebook group that raised over $7,000 for school janitors who risked exposure to the virus. Many other states have picked up positive buzz around good deeds including a young boy donating hand sanitizers to his community and volunteers grocery shopping for neighbors in need.

Our topic engine will continue to update & we’ll post stories on our blog & point them out to you via social media as we go.

It’s important that we all pitch in & even though we’re a small company, we hope this contribution will help those reading learn, get ideas, or just see something positive in the torrent of negative news surrounding all of us.

Best from the Spectrum team & stay well wherever you are.

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