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Page-Level Impressions & Audience Intelligence: Spring Cleaning & Home Improvement

Prepping for a cookieless future in ad targeting is key & Spectrum can provide you with a solution today. Our strategy revolves around custom Content Targets, and this plan takes a closer look at people reading about spring cleaning & home improvement.

Consumers seem to already be thinking about spring cleaning as we’ve seen increases in page-level impressions across the following Content Targets over the last 2 weeks: home improvement projects, remodeling kitchens & bathrooms, home decorating ideas, and gardening & landscaping. Across these Content Targets alone, there are over 755MM available page-level impressions.

If your brand is interested in expanding beyond endemic content to reach people in the spring cleaning mindset, we can extend your reach using Spectrum’s Audience Intelligence Report. We found that people reading about spring cleaning are more likely to read about topics like recycling, getting married, owning pets, & fashion trends, compared to all other topics online. Adding these additional CTs provides you with even more cookieless targeting opportunities & a way to connect with consumers as they’re reading other topics of interest to them.

By using example articles to drive our targeting, we can create cookieless and/or audience segments based on page-level data. We can run your campaign, or you can programmatically, and we’ll show you the exact pages you delivered on & provide insights on top performing topics. Inquire today!

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