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NFL Content Topics & Trends

Before the NFL kicks off the regular season in a few weeks, football content has continued to trend throughout summer training & preseason games. The most talked about teams over the past 30 days include the Eagles, Chiefs, Rams, Cowboys, & Browns, with over 26MM people reading 2.6MM pages discussing NFL content.

Within the content trends Spectrum identified over the past 3 months, people have been reading articles about:

  • Players to watch

  • Injury updates

  • Top players to draft for fantasy football

  • Team predictions throughout the season

  • Super Bowl odds

During the start of the NFL season last year, there were over 35MM available matching impression opportunities during the first week, & that consistent volume of content consumption continued throughout the year. Now is the time to activate your campaign with Spectrum as we can reach your ideal audience on relevant pages as content trends throughout this year’s NFL season.

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