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Spectrum's Media Consumption Report - Diabetes Campaign

Advertising for brands in the pharmaceutical industry? Spectrum’s Media Consumption Report (MCR) shows clients the exact pages their campaign is running on during a managed service campaign. Taking a look at a custom Content Target (CT) plan for a diabetes client, our CT strategy includes:

  1. Brand & Conquest – information about the clients offering vs. competitors.

  2. Diabetes Management & Lifestyle – content around type 1 & type 2 diabetes and healthy lifestyle advice like diets & exercise for diabetics.

Some of the top pages this campaign is serving impressions on can be seen below. Using the MCR to match performance to topics allows us to optimize towards the top performing Content Targets throughout the campaign.

Spectrum’s page-level transparency is increasingly important for brands, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, as ad targeting prepares for a cookieless future. Spectrum has a cookie-free solution ready for you to activate today.

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