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Cookieless Opportunity Trends: March Madness

With cookies becoming obsolete from digital media, it is more crucial than ever to explore cookieless targeting opportunities. Spectrum’s contextual platform has a page-level solution available for you today.

Using example URLs around NCAA basketball, Spectrum finds additional matching content & monitors content consumption trends. With buzz around the March Madness tournament starting on March 17th, Spectrum has seen a 14% increase in page-level impressions solely in this Content Target, with over 2.3 billion impressions available for targeting. We expect cookie-free targeting opportunities to continue increasing leading up to & throughout the college basketball tournament.

Our proven to perform cookieless targeting maintains brand awareness, without violating privacy regulations. Spectrum can enhance your advertising strategy surrounding March Madness or other sports sponsorships your brand has planned throughout the year. Using content as a signal becomes increasingly important in the digital media world, & Spectrum can work with you on managed service and/or programmatic media buys.

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