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Introducing Warren Zenna to Spectrum’s Advisory Board

Having an advisor team is important to Spectrum’s mission as we grow in the industry. Spectrum has had the honor of having industry experts like Warren Zenna guide our company and team. It’s been a pleasure to have Warren’s assistance in raising awareness and adoption of our cookieless solution in the market.

As a senior revenue driver, data-driven marketing executive, and experienced advisor/board member for advertising technology firms, Warren helps us bridge the gap between sales and marketing functions. Warren’s understanding of companies needing to have a clearly defined market, a specialized solution to a vexing problem in that market, and a strong leadership advantage to win deals, has helped Spectrum transform our operations.

Warren’s experience continues to propel Spectrum’s sales and marketing efforts. We appreciate Warren’s support and please join us in his official welcome to the Spectrum team.

To read more about Spectrum’s Advisory Board, click here.

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