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Find out how Spectrum can enhance search marketing strategies.

SMS offers programmatic media buying, which when added to your current marketing strategy can be an effective way to achieve campaign goals. Points in a recent Search Engine Journal article highlight how programmatic & paid search advertising work together: Search advertising efforts are proven performers for driving lower-funnel consumers to the final engagement or purchase action. Programmatic partners, like Spectrum, bring new top & mid funnel leads, resulting in increased searches for the advertiser, increased traffic to their website, & conversions down the road.

Spectrum identifies qualified consumers reading brand specific, audience specific, & audience relevant content to create custom audiences which are refreshed based on what people read on the open web. Our audience segments help marketers effectively fill their funnel & enable them to reach interested consumers, influence their purchase decisions, & feed additional users into lower-funnel retargeting programs. Whether you’re interested in a managed service campaign, or would like custom audience segments distributed for you to buy the media yourself, contact to learn more.

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