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Finance Case Study: Reaching specific audiences through content to promote small business loans

Banking & Small Business Loans Case Study


A major bank wanted to generate awareness of their small business loans to two specific audiences: dentists and veterinarians.


  1. Created custom Content Targets around dentistry and veterinarians.

  2. Campaign ran across desktop and mobile, and we optimized towards mobile placements as they performed best throughout the campaign.

  3. Provided the client with valuable insights from our Audience Intelligence Report. Spectrum found that people consuming dentist content are 249x more likely than readers in general to also be reading about personal care, and people reading content around veterinarians are 746x more likely than readers in general to also be consuming content about startups & entrepreneurship. This intel enables the customer to better understand and reach their target audiences.


Spectrum delivered a successful campaign averaging a 0.10% CTR. We exceeded the client’s CTR benchmark of 0.08% by 25% and drove users to complete success metrics including: completed forms, phone calls, and site visits. Due to an effective optimization strategy, the CTR consistently improved and increased up to 0.16% towards the end of the flight. Spectrum’s ability to discover dentists and veterinarians through their content consumption allowed the bank to increase awareness of their small business loans.


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