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Finance Case Study: Connecting Financial Advisors With ETF Products Through Relevant Content

Investment Management Firm Case Study


A major investment management firm wanted to promote their ETF offerings to financial advisors.


  1. Created Content Targets around exchange traded funds and the client’s offerings vs. their competitors.

  2. Optimized towards the client’s primary KPIs of CTR, viewability, and VCR for video placements.

  3. Discovered that content around the client’s offerings vs. their competitors performed best throughout the campaign.

  4. By monitoring content consumption in real-time, we were able to optimize towards important content spikes that trended throughout the campaign, which corresponded with increased performance.


Spectrum produced strong results across all performance metrics:

  • Achieved an average CTR of 0.12%, exceeding the client’s CTR benchmark of 0.08% by 50%.

  • Delivered an average VCR of 77%, surpassing the client’s VCR goal of 70% by 10%.

  • Our average viewability was 80%, which exceeded the client’s viewability KPI of 75% by 7%.

Using our platform’s real-time consumption data and our team’s optimization techniques, we successfully promoted the ETF products and ran multiple campaigns for this satisfied investment management firm.


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