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Custom Back To School Segments

Now’s the time to plan for back to school advertising campaigns, but we know your plans will be different this year due to COVID-19. Using Spectrum’s custom segments, we can help your brand be ready to launch a campaign whether kids remain at home or head back to the classroom this school year. Let’s dive deeper into three custom Content Targets that could be activated for your back to school media campaign.

Custom Segment 1: Online Education, Distance Learning, & Homeschooling

As many states decide whether to send students and teachers back to school this fall, there are currently many articles about potential school schedules and how hybrid in-classroom and online education would look. If students won’t be sent back to school this year, parents and teachers can still be reached as they’re reading and watching content about online education, distance learning, and homeschooling. Within this segment, there are over 2.6MM users consuming this content, across 31.5K pages, and over 107.5MM page-level impressions available for targeting. Other recent articles being consumed include technology and apps for online learning, as well as tips for homeschooling while working from home.

Custom Segment 2: Sanitary Precautions for Schools

In preparation for kids to head back to the classroom this fall, more than 3.0MM people have been reading 21.2K pages about new sanitary precautions for schools. Because of the coronavirus, this segment gives advertisers a completely new type of content consumption to surround that is very important to school employees and parents with children. Articles within this segment include guidelines for social distancing, wearing masks, cleaning/disinfecting, and proper hygiene, to name a few.

Custom Segment 3: Back To School Essentials

If students and teachers will be going back to school, we’ve seen over 6.7MM page-level impressions around shopping for back to school essentials. In previous years, we’ve seen higher content consumption on this topic, but due to the uncertainty with COVID, content consumption has shifted to other custom segments mentioned above. The most popular articles being consumed within our back to school essentials segment are stores offering contact-free shopping, discounts for teachers, and back to school essentials for the new normal.

In summary, Spectrum can find COVID-related back to school content using our NLP and example pages to create custom segments. COVID-related back to school consumption is very important, but also very different from content about COVID’s impact on hospitals, as an example. Keyword driven platforms would struggle to put walls around specific COVID-related back to school content because there is so much general COVID content out there right now. Spectrum’s custom segments take out the guesswork and related waste that comes from keyword ambiguity. Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve your back to school advertising campaign goals.

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