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Cookieless Opportunity Trends: Tax Season

Are you looking for a cookieless targeting solution for your clients in the finance sector this tax season?

Spectrum’s latest platform release allows us to easily monitor the increase or decrease in page-level impression opportunities by Content Target. These percentages are computed by looking at the latest 14 days of content consumption versus the previous 14 days of content consumption within a specific CT.

With tax season underway, we built a custom Content Target around the topic to see how page-level content has been trending. Over the last 2 weeks, we’ve seen a 24% increase in page-level impressions on tax content alone. Our Tax Season Content Target currently has 7.7M cookieless opportunities, and we expect this number to continue increasing based on last year’s content trends. This insight is valuable for financial clients looking to reach people filing their taxes over the next few months.

Spectrum can create a custom Content Target plan for your brand to reach people reading about taxes, personal finance, & beyond. Email us to learn how our cookieless targeting can achieve your campaign goals this tax season.

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