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Cookieless Opportunity Trends: Healthy Lifestyle

Searching for a way to target your audience in an advertising world without cookies? Spectrum creates Content Target strategies based on recently observed content consumption & tracks changes in page-level impression opportunities.

Healthy lifestyle content has been top of mind for people fulfilling their new year’s resolutions. Taking a closer look at the pages these consumers are reading, we have seen the topics change along with an increase in cookieless opportunities. Towards the beginning of the month, pages were specific to achieving resolutions. Over the last 14 days, people have been reading about diets, weight loss, nutrition, yoga, & strength training most often. Within diet content alone, there has been a 10% increase in available page-level impressions. This trend suggests that people are continuing to live a healthy lifestyle as their new year’s resolutions become everyday habits.

Creating a plan with the 5 Content Targets identified in the chart provides advertisers with an opportunity of over 1.9B available page-level impressions. With the use of 3rd party cookies in question, email us to learn how Spectrum’s contextual targeting solution can scale your next media buy at the page-level.

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