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Cookieless Opportunity Trends: Financial Services

A key benefit of Spectrum is that it delivers cookieless solutions using context that preserves both scale and precision. Spectrum uses topics (at the page-level) instead of keywords to create custom segments. These segments are of individual article pages which can then be targeted without the use of cookies, which becomes increasingly important as the cookie era comes to an end. As financial content is top of mind for consumers and businesses right now, we’ve seen content consumption increase 42% on average in the last two weeks. The most popular topics people are reading about include personal finance needs, taxes, and financial investments, with over 1.1 billion page-level impressions available for targeting.

Spectrum can create a custom targeting plan to reach people reading about these topics or other relevant content of interest for your brand. Our cookieless targeting provides you with a unique opportunity to align with highly relevant page-level content, at scale, and at a time in which messaging will truly resonate with your ideal customers.

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