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Cookieless Opportunities & Audience Intelligence: Video Games

Spectrum’s platform uses page-level content to create custom segments that find additional pages for you to target – without the use of cookies.

As many of us are still practicing social distancing, we dove deeper into a custom segment around video games. There are over 586 million page-level impressions available for targeting in this segment alone. Within video games and gaming, the most popular topics over 18.9 million people are reading about include buzz around Sony’s PlayStation5 & DualSense controller, comparisons to Xbox Series X, and the newest video game releases.

Using our Audience Intelligence Report, we can use video games as our seed segment to see what other topics this audience consumes as well. We discovered that gamers are reading the following topics most often, compared to all other topics online: comic books, consumer tech, movies & TV, music news, mobile apps, space & astronomy, golf, and athleisure fashion.

Our solution is superior to cookie-based ad targeting models and our Audience Intelligence Report identifies additional reach and scale for you to target. Spectrum’s cookieless opportunities on content about video games & beyond are available for your next managed service or data campaign.

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