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Cookie-Free Content: Grocery, Food & Beverage

As the world has shifted due to COVID-19, so have consumer spending habits. As we dine out less with restaurants and bars closed, food and beverage categories within grocery stores have experienced an uptick in sales. We used our contextual targeting platform to discover page-level content people are researching.

Displayed in the chart, you can see the topics with increases in content consumption of up to 15% over the past two weeks, as well as the cookieless targeting opportunities available for each topic. Within each category, we can see the exact pages people are reading about, allowing you to align with ideal content as it trends throughout a campaign.


  • Popular grocery stores people are reading about include Walmart, Whole Foods, Costco, Kroger, Aldi, Trader Joe’s, and Target.

  • Within this topic alone, there are over 961MM page-level impressions.


  • With the unofficial start of summer occurring, grilling has been top of mind with 617MM cookieless impressions.

  • People are looking for recipes for ribs & pulled pork, marinades for chicken & steak, and the best sauces for BBQing.


  • Since many bars & nightclubs around the country are still closed, Spectrum’s discovered over 475MM page-level opportunities around beer.

  • People have increased their at-home alcohol consumption & their content consumption as they’re reading about different beers to try.


  • Within recipe content, there has been an increase in nutritious meals.

  • Of the 253MM cookieless opportunities, people are reading about high protein snacks, low sugar desserts, vegetarian & vegan meals, and low carb foods.


  • As wineries have also been closed, there has been an uptick in wine drinking & content consumption around wine.

  • Consumers have been reading about wine subscription services that deliver to your home, as well as how to host virtual wine tastings.

As content trends throughout your campaign, we can reach your target audience when they’ll be receptive to your message. Spectrum’s contextual advertising platform is your ideal replacement to third-party cookie targeting. Contact us below to discuss cookie-free advertising opportunities for your upcoming campaign.

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