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Content Consumption Trends: Weekend Getaways

As many people enjoy traveling, most consumers have had to put their travel plans on hold or make travel adjustments due to COVID-19. However, this audience is still a valuable customer group for travel brands to connect with through their content consumption. Therefore, we created a custom weekend getaways segment to reach people who may be hesitant to travel far but are looking for fun things to do while also staying safe from the coronavirus.

Spectrum’s discovered over 3.3 million people reading and watching over 85 thousand pieces of content around weekend getaways and day trips. Within weekend getaway content, people are reading about road trip destinations, campgrounds, wineries to visit, spa packages, and popular golf courses. The most frequently consumed content surrounding day trips includes top-rated nearby beaches, parks, and hiking trails. Within this segment alone, there are over 140 million cookieless opportunities available for targeting. People are also reading articles discussing what is open in various cities so they can fulfill their day trip and weekend getaway plans.

Weekend Getaways Content Consumption Trends Spectrum Media Services

While travelers are reading different types of travel content this season, there is still an opportunity to remain top of mind for your audience as they’re consuming relevant content. Using example pages to build our segments allows us to differentiate between different COVID-topics, so you can connect with travelers when they’re in the right mindset to engage with your message. Contact us to learn more.

Want to learn more about Spectrum? Check out the latest posts on our blog or learn more about our platform here. You can also check out Spectrum's success in the travel industry by reading these case studies.

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