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Content Consumption Trends: Seasonal Home Maintenance

Using our 18-month lookback window into content consumption trends, we can inform your brand about not only what topics may be of interest to your customer, but also the best time to activate on that activity. As seen within our Seasonal Home Maintenance segment, as summer transitions into fall, there is a significant shift in the popular topics being consumed online.

Illustrated in the chart below are the seasonal home maintenance topics that spiked last year:

Seasonal Home Maintenance Content Consumption Trends Spectrum Media Services

If you have an advertising initiative reaching homeowners shopping for home-related items, we recommend launching your campaign as soon as possible this September based on last year’s content consumption trends. By having your campaign setup in advance of the fall season, this gives your brand an opportunity to connect with your ideal audience when they’ll be receptive to your message. Contact us to learn more.

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