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Content Consumption Trends: Pet Owners

If pet owners are your target audience for an upcoming advertising campaign, learn how Spectrum’s contextual targeting platform can help you achieve your goals through the content these consumers read and watch online.

As you may have noticed in everyday life, a lot of people have gotten a puppy or a new pet. This can partially be explained by the COVID-19 pandemic. Since coronavirus has required people to spend more time at home, this has allowed people who were thinking about getting a pet to finally get one since they can be home more often than usual. The COVID-19 pandemic has also created a new type of content for pet owners. Popular articles include “tips for dog owners working from home” and “preparing your pet for life after shelter-in-place.”

Most recently within Spectrum’s custom “Pet Owners” Content Target, we saw content spike during Amazon’s Prime Day at the end of October. Many articles being read discussed products to make life easier for pet owners.

Content Consumption Trends Pet Owners Spectrum Media Services Cookieless Targeting Online Advertising

Within our Content Target, we’ve found over 18.9 million people reading content about pets, and we expect these consumers to be shopping for their four-legged friends this holiday season. Also, pets make a great gift for the family or a loved one, so we expect pet owner content consumption to continue increasing throughout 2021.

Whether your brand is promoting pet food, products, or a helpful offering that would benefit pet owners, Spectrum is here to help you achieve your online advertising goals. Our custom segments are created to match the intent of your target audience and can be activated programmatically or on a managed services basis. Contact us to learn more.

Using Spectrum’s Audience Intelligence Report, we’ve found that pet owners are likely to read/watch content about the following topics more often than other users online. Check out these posts to learn about reaching pet owners in less-obvious content environments to understand where else your message would resonate best:

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