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Content Consumption Trends: Home Improvement

As many consumers have changed their content consumption & everyday habits since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, it is important for brands to connect with their target audience in new ways. Spectrum can help your brand by creating custom page-level segments to achieve your advertising goals.

Since many consumers continue to quarantine, home improvement content has been a popular topic over the last few months. Within Spectrum’s custom Home Improvement segment, there are over 540MM cookieless opportunities across 518K pages available for targeting. We’ve also seen page-level impressions increase 14% over the last 2 weeks. We don’t expect this content consumption trend to decrease anytime soon as many states begin to slow down their re-opening efforts, too.

In addition to home improvement content increasing, we've seen similar increases in content about home decorating and gardening/landscaping, as we find consumers are frequently interested in these related topics, based on Spectrum’s Audience Intelligence Report. Adding these segments to a home improvement campaign provides additional scale for marketers to reach their audience on relevant pages and videos.

Spectrum Media Services Home Improvement Content Consumption

As we all adjust to living the new normal, Spectrum can help you target your audience with and without using cookies. Contact us for a demo of our platform and allow Spectrum to help you identify the best way to achieve your marketing goals today:

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