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Content Consumption Trends: Health Insurance Open Enrollment

A beneficial feature of Spectrum’s contextual targeting platform is that it can look back at content consumption trends up to 18 months. By analyzing previous content consumption trends, we are able to inform brands when their audience begins reading and watching content around specific topics. Our platform’s index is a valuable planning tool as we can help marketers choose the best times to launch their campaigns. As consumers are reading about health insurance and preparing for open enrollment this fall, we applied our insights to inform health companies of the best times to reach this specific audience.


  • Content around open enrollment spiked two weeks before the period began last year. During the first week of open enrollment, content consumption peaked and there were over 34MM cookieless opportunities available for targeting during this week alone. We expect a higher volume of page-level impressions on open enrollment content this year, in part due to many people’s health concerns surrounding COVID-19.

  • Also based on last year’s trends, open enrollment content consumption remained steady throughout the enrollment period, and spiked again as the deadline approached, as people completed their applications.

  • If you have a campaign reaching people preparing for open enrollment, we recommend getting ahead of the trends by launching your campaign when content begins to increase around mid-October. By having your campaign setup in advance of open enrollment, this gives your brand an opportunity to connect with your ideal audience for over two months as they’re engaging with open enrollment content.


  • In addition to increased content around open enrollment, we also see notable spikes in content around health insurance at different points in the year. For example, last August, content spiked with information around health insurance data, as well as health insurance companies announcing their plans to enter the exchanges, giving consumers a glimpse of their health insurance options.

  • While we may not see the exact same health insurance content spikes this year, we do expect health insurance content to spike early. This is because of the upcoming presidential election, as health insurance coverage is a highly debated political topic.

  • If you have a campaign reaching healthcare seekers, we suggest an always on approach which will allow for you to capitalize on this content, as we are consistently monitoring the buzz around health insurance and are able to predict and activate on potential spikes in related content.

If you’re interested in using Spectrum to reach health insurance seekers and consumers preparing for open enrollment, please contact us below to learn more.

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