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Content Consumption Trends: Electric/Hybrid Vehicles

The Spectrum Platform monitors content consumption trends to understand where consumer intent signals are strong. Within our taxonomy of auto segments, we have noticed a lot of content consumption within our electric/hybrid vehicle segment, with over 7.5 million people reading this content in the past 30 days. Since our platform has the ability to understand the meaning of a page at the topic level – not just through a few isolated keywords – we decided to take a closer look at this trend to see the types of pages people are reading and watching.

Spectrum’s identified over 441 million page-level impression opportunities across 416 thousand matching pieces of content in our electric/hybrid vehicle segment. We’ve also monitored many recent spikes in content as seen in the trend chart. Notable spikes include:

Electric Hybrid Vehicle Content Consumption Trends Spectrum Media Services

With many vehicle brands announcing their new electric/hybrid vehicle models, we expect content consumption trends will continue to happen throughout the year. This is due to increased competition within the electric/hybrid vehicle market and many people will be reading about the best EV option for them. If you have a campaign reaching in-market auto shoppers, Spectrum can reach your ideal consumers with or without using cookies as they’re engaging with relevant content. Contact us to learn more.

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