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Content Consumption Trends: Credit Cards

Looking back at last year’s content consumption trends is a great way to predict how content consumption will trend this year. Using Spectrum’s proprietary platform, we’re able to do just that. With the holiday season quickly approaching, we dove deeper into seasonal credit card promotions. Spectrum’s credit card segment can be used by financial advertisers looking to reach consumers searching for a new credit card.

Last year, content spiked towards the end of October, with credit card offers around new perks for the American Express Green Card & limited-time bonus miles for Capital One’s Spark Business Card. While these are both travel credit cards, and these promotions make sense before the holiday travel season last year, we expect credit cards will be promoting different types of offers this year due to COVID-19. We’ve already seen COVID-19 content trend in our credit cards segment as credit card issuers are offering financial assistance to struggling customers.

Credit Card Content Consumption Trends_Spectrum Media Services

While we know advertising for financial services will look different this year, we recommend that promotional messaging should start in October. This allows you to capture the attention of your audience as they’re searching for a new credit card before holiday spending increases. If you want to learn more about using Spectrum to reach in-market credit card researchers, please contact us below.

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