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Content Consumption Trends: Candy

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

With Halloween taking place recently, candy is top of mind for many of us, so we used our platform to monitor content consumption trends around the topic. The most recent spike in content about candy occurred a few weeks ago when Reese’s announced their direct-from-the-factory to consumer sale, just in time for Halloween.

Since our platform can also lookback on previous content consumption trends, we decided to look at candy content consumption around Thanksgiving and Christmas last year, as those holidays are quickly approaching.

Before Thanksgiving last year, content around chocolate was being read about most often. Articles included dairy-free chocolate gifts for the holidays and the best chocolate chips for baking better cookies.

Before Christmas last year, people were reading about the most popular Christmas candies and festive recipes to make like homemade snowman chocolate bark.

Candy Content Consumption Trends Spectrum Media Services Cookieless Targeting Online Advertising

If you have a campaign promoting sweets, or you are trying to reach people who are baking with candy this holiday season, Spectrum is here to help you achieve your online advertising goals. Our custom segments are created to match the intent of your target audience and can be activated programmatically or on a managed services basis. Contact us to learn more.

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