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Content Consumption Trends: Busy Professionals & Working From Home

As the habits of many busy professionals have changed since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, it is important for brands to connect with their target audience in new ways. Spectrum can create custom segments based on users’ content consumption, so your brand can reach busy professionals while they’re working from home.

Work from home (WFH) content has continued to increase since March, and we don’t expect this trend to slow down as COVID-19 continues to impact our world. Within Spectrum’s custom WFH segment, there are over 141MM cookieless opportunities across 93K pages available for targeting. We’ve seen 4.6MM people reading and watching this content in our segment over the last 30 days.

We build Spectrum’s custom segments with example pages that match consumer intent. Using this method allows us to differentiate WFH-relevant COVID topics compared to general COVID topics, allowing you to connect with your audience when they’re in the right mindset to engage with your message. Because the coronavirus pandemic has generated a surge in content due to busy professionals working from home, here are some of the topics being consumed most often.

content consumption trends busy professionals work from home WFH Spectrum Media Services

In summary, Spectrum can find COVID-related work from home content using our NLP and example pages to create custom segments. COVID-related WFH consumption is very important, but also very different from content about COVID’s impact on hospitals, as an example. Keyword driven platforms would struggle to put walls around specific COVID-related WFH content because there is so much general COVID content out there right now. Spectrum’s custom segments take out the guesswork and related waste that comes from keyword ambiguity.

As we all adjust to living the new normal, Spectrum Media Services can help you target busy professionals while they’re working from home. Contact us to learn more about custom segments we can create for you to achieve your KPIs, with or without using cookies.

Interested in other Spectrum segments to reach busy professionals working from home? Read about our technology supporting teamwork segment here. And if you're looking for another example of how Spectrum is able to differentiate between COVID-topics, check out this post.

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