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Content Consumption Trends: Auto Insurance

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve learned that COVID-19 is anything but one topic, as we all find different COVID-19 content that is important to us to read and watch online. When it comes to the topic of auto insurance, we analyzed our auto insurance Content Target to see the difference in content consumption trends before and after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Throughout 2019, the largest spike in content consumption happened in November. People were looking for ways to get lower auto insurance rates through options like switching providers or improving credit scores. This end of year content consumption spike was likely explained by auto dealerships offering end of year sales – leading to consumers shopping for a new vehicle and putting them in the mindset to update their auto insurance. Before COVID-19, we could expect these same trends to occur year over year. However, due to COVID-19’s impact on auto production and consumers spending habits, we expect auto insurance content consumption to look different this season. Since Spectrum’s platform has the ability to align with content consumption trends in real-time, we’ll be able to reach auto insurance shoppers as they’re engaging with relevant content as it trends.

To see how content consumption has changed since COVID-19 occurred, we took a closer look at the last 6 months of data. In April of this year, many auto insurance companies announced they would offer discounts to their customers. Refunds were offered due to COVID-19’s impact requiring people to work from home and not needing to drive to work. Buzz around these discounts generated the spike in content as people were reading about the savings they were expected to receive from their auto insurance provider. Our platform was able to pick up on the positive news auto insurance companies were doing to give back to their consumers during COVID-19. This content trend provides an opportunity for auto insurance providers to reach people reading/watching content that is important to them, while remaining brand-safe by aligning with positive news mentions.

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As you think through how your brand isolates the productive COVID-19 content to align with versus the content you want to avoid, Spectrum can help you achieve your goals. Our contextual platform uses topics instead of keywords, at the page-level, to provide advertisers with a relevant and scale targeting solution, with or without using cookies. Contact us to learn more.

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