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Cold & Flu Season Content Trends

Content around cold & flu season has already started to trend with a large spike in consumption that occurred mid-September:

  • Some of the most popular articles people are reading about include the best time to get a flu shot, especially for kids, which is before Halloween.

  • People are also reading about how long flu shots last, effectiveness of flu shots, & different types of flu shots.

  • Spectrum found that content around cold & flu season spiked earlier this year as there have already been flu cases reported in the US.

  • This early spike in content also suggests that people are taking more preventative measures since there was a bad flu season last year as well.

Now is the time to engage with your audience as they’re reading cold & flu content this season. Spectrum can connect with your ideal audience as they’re reading pages about flu treatment options, eating healthy to help prevent or manage flu symptoms, or other relevant topics that trend throughout the year.

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