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Spectrum Topics: Christmas Recipes & Decorations

Spectrum’s topic-based matching engine monitors recent content consumption & can reach your ideal audiences as they’re in the holiday mindset this season.

Besides shopping for gifts this Christmas, over 3.8M people are reading other relevant content around recipes & decorations. In the chart, you can see the top topics people are reading about & Spectrum finds the most popular pages within each topic:

  • RECIPES – Spectrum identified over 9.7K Christmas recipe pages & people are reading articles about traditional Christmas dinner menus, Christmas cookies, & festive appetizers.

  • DECORATING – Spectrum discovered over 54.2K holiday décor pages & popular articles include Christmas tree decorating ideas, outdoor decorations, & homemade Christmas crafts.

Spectrum also monitors previous content consumption, and based on last year’s trends, we expect Christmas buzz to continue increasing throughout the month. Running a managed service or self-service campaign with Spectrum this holiday allows you to reach home cooks, bakers, holiday hosts, & other audiences of interest to your brand.

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