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CES Content Consumption

Content about CES spiked at the beginning of this month with buzz around trends to expect & named keynote speakers. Spectrum found over 59,500 pages about CES content, and we expect the number of people reading relevant articles to continue increasing before & during the tech show that starts on January 7th.

Over the last 30 days, the most consumed topics can be found in the chart below. Trending articles have mentioned the most hype around 8K TVs, Sony’s next PlayStation console, & 5G iPhones. Spectrum has the ability to hone in on specific topics, like 8K TVs, and create additional broader, but relevant, segments like: (1) “TV Brands vs. Competitors” (2) “Trending TV Shows” and (3) “TV Streaming Services.” There has also been news around the Tokyo Olympics being broadcast in 8K TV, which would be another topic to align with to reach TV shoppers & people interested in sports.

Email us to activate your campaign around CES & capitalize on the tech trends that occur throughout 2020.

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