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Case Study: Using Spanish-Language Videos to reach Hispanic Adults across CTV & In-Stream Video

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Hispanic Banking Case Study


A major bank wanted to increase awareness of its mobile banking app among Hispanic adults using Spanish-language CTV and in-stream video ads.


  1. Set up in-stream video targeting to Spanish-language browsers only.

  2. Applied Hispanic audience targeting to CTV inventory, with a set number of impressions targeted to SlingTV specifically.

  3. Optimized towards the client’s KPIs of viewability, video completion rate, click through rate, and delivery on CTV.


Delivered strong results across all performance metrics:

  • Client required 1/3 of the campaign be delivered on CTV inventory, and we surpassed this goal by 24.3%.

  • Exceeded the client’s SlingTV impression delivery goal by 32%.

  • Achieved 80% viewability, outperforming the 70% viewability benchmark by 14.3%.

  • Delivered a 0.58% CTR, beating the client’s 0.50% CTR goal by 16%.

  • Fulfilled the client’s 90% VCR goal.

Spectrum’s ability to serve Spanish-language videos to Hispanic adults has allowed the bank to increase awareness of its mobile banking app to their desired target audience.


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