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Audience Intelligence Report: Sports Fans

Spectrum’s Audience Intelligence Report enables you to extend your targeting tactics based on observed content consumption behavior & scale beyond endemic content to connect with your ideal audiences. To expand beyond endemic sports topics, we used our Audience Intelligence Report to find out what other topics sports fans read about most often. Here’s what we found:

  • People reading about baseball are also reading about strength training, internet services, breweries/beers, and comic books.

  • Consumers engaging with content about basketball are also reading/watching content about baseball, movies/TV, mobile apps, and entrepreneurship.

  • Users consuming football content also read and watch content around basketball, hockey, appetizer/snack recipes, and music news.

  • People searching for content about golf also consume content about tennis, seasonal fashion, stock market news, and weather updates.

  • Audiences reading and watching NASCAR content are consuming content about SUVs, hunting, politics/elections, and BBQ/grilling as well.

  • Consumers looking for soccer content are consuming content about exercise/fitness, video games/gaming, cell phones, and photography, too.

Audience Intelligence Report Sports Fans Spectrum Media Services

Spectrum’s Audience Intelligence Report starts with a brand specific topic, which is compared to other topics in our taxonomy, to find additional topics this audience is consuming, all without using cookies. While there are many targeting opportunities available on sports content, Spectrum’s cookieless audience extension becomes increasingly important in a privacy-focused world, so you can connect with your audience outside of the endemic content we know they are interested in. We’ve applied our Audience Intelligence Report to many advertising campaigns to improve performance so we know it works. Connect with us to learn how Spectrum’s cookieless audience extension can work for your brand.

Want to learn about Spectrum's success advertising for sports clients? Check out this case study.

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