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Audience Intelligence Report: Retirement Planning

At a time when cookie targeting is faced with major changes, you will need to find another signal to identify & target your ideal audiences. You could rely on domain buying, which lacks precision, or you can implement Spectrum’s proven page-level cookieless targeting.

Using Spectrum’s Audience Intelligence Report, you can scale beyond endemic content to target consumers. Using the example Retirement Planning, here are the steps we take to provide you with additional reach:

  1. Start with a seed Content Target: Retirement Planning

  2. Compare this Content Target to our in-house taxonomy that covers a wide variety of topics

  3. Create page-level or audience segment reach from observed user overlap to add to your targeting plan

We found that people planning for retirement have high overlap with topics including the stock market, politics, house hunting, business news, golf, & vacation planning. Adding these additional Content Targets to a campaign reaching retirement planners lets you transition to scalable, page-level, cookie-free targeting to connect with your audience.

Message us to learn how our data-driven approach to targeting can extend your reach & connect with consumers as they’re reading other topics of interest to them.

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