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Audience Intelligence Report: Auto Intenders

Our Audience Intelligence Report leverages the content consumption monitored in our advanced contextual platform to identify greater reach. We start with a brand’s endemic topic, compare it to topics in our taxonomy, and find additional topics this audience is reading.

Applying our Audience Intelligence Report to content auto intenders are reading, we’ve found that they are highly interested in topics like trucks/SUVs, electric/hybrid vehicles, and auto insurance, but there are many other topics this audience is interested in, too.

Our Audience Intelligence Report discovered that auto intenders are more likely to engage with content about home improvement, personal finance, & owning a pet, compared to other users online. Spectrum can help you connect with your target audience when they’ll be receptive to your message as they’re reading/watching endemic content or topics relevant to their life.

Online audiences have always needed some sort of extension to achieve scale, and our Audience Intelligence Report allows brands to extend their reach without using cookies. Our cookieless audience extension becomes increasingly important in a privacy-focused world. We’ve applied our Audience Intelligence Report to many advertising campaigns to improve performance, so we know it works. Connect with us to learn more about how our cookieless audience extension can work for your brand.

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