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Spectrum Media Services is proud to partner with industry-leading online advertising companies to provide brands with advanced contextual targeting solutions to achieve marketing goals.


Spectrum Media Services is proud to partner with industry-leading online advertising companies to provide brands with advanced contextual targeting solutions to achieve marketing goals.


Audiencerate provides data owners a bridge to the world's largest data marketplaces with full transparency and best in class performance. Spectrum is able to export our custom segments to the Audiencerate data platform, allowing brands to use Spectrum's segments programmatically. 


Bombora is the leading provider of B2B intent data, showing B2B marketing and sales teams when their customers are ready to buy. Spectrum works with Bombora by matching their data to our topic model to create custom B2B segments. This level of granularity allows advertisers to target their ideal B2B consumers. 


Facebook helps brands connect with their ideal clients through their targeted advertising capabilities. Spectrum is able to import our custom segments created for brands to Facebook's platform. This allows advertisers to target their customers on Facebook using Spectrum's content consumption data. 


IRIS.TV is a video intelligence platform for broadcasters and publishers. Their contextual video marketplace is a data pipeline that simplifies the complexity of the video ecosystem across CTV, web and mobile video. Spectrum's partnership with IRIS.TV enables our unique topic-level scoring data for video across all platforms and devices. This partnership addresses the ambiguous nature of keyword targeting inherent to video advertising. This solves for the waste in reach and media impressions which is especially critical in video to both the buy and the sell side.


LiveIntent is a people-based marketing platform that bridges the gaps between brands and audiences. LiveIntent's Identity Graph combines sophisticated machine learning with real-time signals. Spectrum sends our proprietary content consumption data to LiveIntent in order for it to be graphed to MAIDs. This makes Spectrum's custom segments available for targeting on mobile devices programmatically or on a managed service basis. 


LiveRamp’s data connectivity platform allows companies and their partners to connect, control, and activate data to transform customer experiences and generate more valuable business outcomes. Spectrum uses LiveRamp by uploading our custom segments created for brands to their marketplace. This allows our clients to activate Spectrum's custom data segments programmatically to achieve their online advertising goals.


Semcasting pioneered the use of IP targeting with machine learning to maximize customer reach on any device with complete transparency. Their identity and privacy management platform offers higher match rates, speed to market, complete data ownership, and segment design flexibility. Spectrum's partnership with Semcasting's Activate platform allows us to power their advanced contextual targeting to maximize results for their clients. Spectrum's proven advantages of a flexible topic model and 18-month cache of internet content consumption, delivered via standard or custom segments at Web scale, will offer enhanced future-proof results for Activate customers.


Xandr’s advanced technology platform enables trusted, streamlined transactions across digital and TV advertising. Xandr's transparent marketplace and powerful enterprise technology enable marketers to connect and engage consumers on thousands of high-quality websites and apps. Spectrum is a real-time data provider in Xandr and we use Xandr to execute our managed service media campaigns. Using Xandr allows us to run our custom contextual/audience segments and buy ads on premium content for our customers.

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