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Spectrum CPG Case Study: Easy Holiday Meals


A large American food company wanted to increase brand lift for their easy, make-ahead recipes and meal ideas during the winter holidays.


Starting with relevant articles, we used our proprietary platform to identify additional pages and sites to reach people looking for helpful content about hosting winter holiday gatherings. Our custom Content Target strategy for this campaign included segments around the following topics:

  1. “Easy Holiday Appetizers”

  2. “Make-Ahead Brunches”

  3. “One-Dish Meals”

  4. “Cooking for a Crowd”

Using our custom targeting strategy, we matched the brand's message with ideal audiences seeking easy holiday meals and recipe content at the right moment.


Spectrum was a top performing partner, earning 5-10% brand lift, according to an independent Nielsen Vizu Study. We found that our “Easy Holiday Appetizers” and “Cooking for a Crowd” Content Targets resonated best with the brand's target audience. Therefore, our account manager optimized the campaign to align with this top performing content. The success of our managed service campaign resulted in repeat business from this satisfied CPG client.

Spectrum CPG Case Study: Easy Holiday Meals

Are you advertising for clients in the CPG industry? Contact us to learn how we can achieve your brands goals:

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With Amazon Prime Day 2020 postponed from its usual date in July due to the global pandemic, the sales event taking place in mid-October kicked off this year’s holiday shopping season. To see what content consumers are reading and watching most often online, we used our contextual targeting platform to analyze recent consumption trends. Spectrum Media Services’ platform is unique because we can monitor content consumption trends in real-time and can lookback on previous content consumption trends.

Using this year’s Amazon Prime Day as an example, our platform monitored over 221 million page-level opportunities available for targeting during the sales event alone. The most popular articles being consumed included pages discussing the best Prime Day deals for Amazon devices, TVs, and more. There were also many articles discussing deals in various categories such as home, fashion, and pets. Other content observed included discounts from Target and Walmart, who hosted similar sales events to compete with Amazon Prime Day.

Based on these recent Amazon Prime Day consumption trends, we expect similar content trends to occur as Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach next month. According to data from last year’s Black Friday, consumers spent over $7.4B in online sales, and over $2.9B of that came from sales made on smartphone devices alone. Black Friday sales are predicted to be even higher this year, and more consumers will be online shopping due to the global pandemic requiring people to spend more time at home. Also, our platform has already picked up on 2020 Black Friday content consumption as people are reading articles about deals to expect from various stores.

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During this year’s holiday shopping season, it will be more important than ever to connect with your target audience as they’re reading and watching content online. Connect with us to learn how your holiday advertising campaign can be executed on a managed service basis or data only buy using Spectrum’s custom holiday segments created to achieve the goals of your online advertising campaign.

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Do you have a campaign reaching business owners who operate a company using commercial vehicles like trucks or vans? A benefit of Spectrum’s targeting platform is that we can reach your target audience as they’re reading and watching content in real-time. To see the pages commercial vehicle shoppers & owners are consuming most often, we analyzed trends within our “Commercial Vehicles” Content Target.

Within the last month, we found a spike in content consumption caused by articles around new commercial vehicles. Online buzz included news around the Chevy Bolt EV electric cargo van and rumors around a new Ford pickup truck model. As new commercial vehicle models are expected to be released over the next year, we expect content consumption trends to continue to increase throughout 2021, allowing your brand to capitalize on content consumption trends in real-time.

commercial vehciles content consumption trends spectrum media services cookieless targeting online advertising

Whether your brand is promoting auto insurance, a fleet of commercial vehicles, or offerings targeted to small business owners, Spectrum is here to help you achieve your online advertising goals. Our custom segments are created to match the intent of your target audience and can be activated programmatically or on a managed services basis. Contact us to learn more.

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