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Spectrum B2B Small Business Case Study: Cellular Rollover Data Plan


Major cellular carrier sought to increase awareness of their rollover data plan for small businesses.


Starting with ideal pages, our proprietary platform discovered highly-relevant content to reach small business decision makers searching for wireless offerings. We built custom Content Targets around:

  1. “Client’s Brand & Competitive Conquest”

  2. “Business Commuting & Traveling”

  3. “Mobile Tech”

  4. “Entrepreneurship”

  5. “Networking & Collaboration”

We tested and optimized towards content that resonated best, engaging ideal buyers with the brand’s message.


Spectrum generated favorable brand lift, double that of other media exposure, according to an independent Nielsen DBE study. Through our rapid test-and-learn approach, we found that people reading “Business Commuting & Traveling” content drove 19% brand lift; higher than all other targeted topics.

Spectrum B2B Small Business Case Study: Cellular Rollover Data Plan

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With the new year quickly approaching, now is your time to plan 2021 advertising campaigns. As many people set new year’s resolutions, we took a closer look at our “Meal Prep & Planning” Content Target to analyze recent and last year’s content consumption trends.

During the beginning of 2020, the most popular articles people were reading included:

It makes sense that people are reading these types of articles as they’re looking to jumpstart their healthy eating to fulfill their new year’s resolutions.

Content Consumption Trends Meal Prep Spectrum Media Services Cookieless Targeting Online Advertising

We also used the Spectrum Platform to compare new year’s topics to recent content consumption to see how the time of year impacts the type of meal prep & planning content people are consuming. Within the last 30 days alone, Spectrum’s discovered over 996 thousand people reading/watching 27 thousand pieces of content, generating over 80 million page-level opportunities available for targeting. Throughout this past month, people have been searching for keto recipes to try and savory instant pot recipes to meal prep most often.

Understanding how different content trends overtime provides valuable insights to advertisers. By knowing how to adjust messaging based on the time of year, brands can connect with their ideal audiences when they’re in the right mindset to engage with marketing messages. Since the Spectrum Platform has already seen a large amount of recent content consumption within our “Meal Prep & Planning” Content Target, we expect this to continue trending upward as we enter the new year. Using Spectrum for your online advertising campaign will allow you to reach people looking to improve their health after the holiday season as they’re engaging with relevant content. Connect with us to learn more.

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Spectrum’s Audience Intelligence Report enables you to extend your targeting tactics based on observed content consumption behavior & scale beyond endemic content to connect with your ideal audiences. We use an analytic driven approach which leverages content consumption comp indexes, (like found in Nielsen reports) to ensure brand goals are met.

To see what other topics resonate with people reading/watching content about fitness, we used our Audience Intelligence Report. Our findings indicate that compared to other users online, fitness enthusiasts are more likely to consume content around the following topics: Strength Training, Trending Music, Weather, Healthy Recipes, Grocery Shopping & Coupons, Diets & Weight Loss, Personal Care Products, and Skincare & Anti-Aging.

Fitness Enthusiasts Audience Intelligence Report Spectrum Media Services Cookieless Audience Extension

Based on these over-indexing topics, we recommend adding the segments in the chart to an advertising campaign reaching fitness enthusiasts. This will allow your brand to reach your ideal consumers in less-obvious content environments to understand where else your message resonates best. Spectrum’s custom targeting segments can be activated against pages, MAIDs, or UIDs, maximizing reach in your desired tactics.

As brands explore alternatives to cookie-based ad targeting, they need a platform that can find their audience in multiple environments while preserving reach, scale and frequency. Using Spectrum’s analytic driven approach, we can achieve your advertising goals by reaching fitness enthusiasts through the content they read and watch online. Contact us to learn more.

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Spectrum's Audience Intelligence Report: Fitness Enthusiasts

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