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• With the holiday season quickly approaching, small business owners are preparing for Small Business Saturday on November 24th. The most recent increase in content consumption occurred last week with articles discussing ways for business owners to capitalize on Small Business Saturday.

• A week before last year’s Small Business Saturday, local articles promoting reasons to shop small were frequent within content consumption trends.

• Remain top of mind for small business owners & consumers shopping local this holiday season by contacting sales@spectrumplatform.com!

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• With the MLB Playoffs in full swing, over 5.2MM sports fans have been reading & watching content relevant to postseason baseball. The most recent spike in content from last week generated 6MM available impressions with articles around teams in the wild card games & schedules for the division series games.

• During the week of last year’s World Series alone, there were over 73MM available impressions! People were staying up to date with World Series predictions, player stats, & updates around each game of the series.

• Who do you think will win this year’s World Series? Connect with sales@spectrumplatform.com to score a home run for your client & don’t miss your chance to reach baseball enthusiasts this October!

  • Spectrum Media Services

• With the Los Angeles Auto Show just 2 months away, people have been reading about what to expect at the event. The most recent spike in content contained articles about Audi’s all-electric SUV & the company’s plans to reveal another electric vehicle at the auto show in November.

• Last year, content started increasing a few weeks before the LA Auto Show when Jeep announced they’d be debuting the Wrangler at the event. The largest spike in content happened the week of the LA Auto Show as people were reading about the best vehicles of the show, and the Jeep Wrangler was the most popular model that was unveiled.

• Reach auto shoppers around the holidays as they’re looking for a new car & reading about the latest trends happening at the LA Auto Show. Contact sales@spectrumplatform.com to surround relevant content & connect with auto shoppers when they’ll be receptive to your message. Don’t miss your chance to target your audience this season & start planning for next year’s big auto shows!

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