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With the new year quickly approaching, now is your time to plan 2021 advertising campaigns. As many people set new year’s resolutions, we took a closer look at our “Fitness & Exercise” Content Target to analyze recent and last year’s content consumption trends.

During the beginning of 2020, the most popular articles people were reading included:

It makes sense that people are reading these types of articles as they’re looking to begin their fitness journey to fulfill their new year’s resolutions.

Content Consumption Trends Fitness Spectrum Media Services Cookieless Targeting Online Advertising

We also used the Spectrum Platform to compare new year’s topics to recent content consumption to see how the time of year impacts the type of fitness & exercise content people are consuming. Within the last 30 days alone, Spectrum’s discovered over 5.5 million people reading/watching 185 thousand pieces of content, generating over 426 million page-level opportunities available for targeting. Throughout this past month, people have been searching for bodyweight workout routines and gym workout alternatives to do at home most often.

Understanding how different content trends overtime provides valuable insights to advertisers. By knowing how to adjust messaging based on the time of year, brands can connect with their ideal audiences when they’re in the right mindset to engage with marketing messages. Since the Spectrum Platform has already seen a large amount of recent content consumption within our “Fitness & Exercise” Content Target, we expect this to continue trending upward as we enter the new year. Using Spectrum for your online advertising campaign will allow you to reach people looking to improve their fitness after the holiday season as they’re engaging with relevant content. Connect with us to learn more.

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Spectrum Finance Case Study: Tax Season Preparation Software


Major tax preparation company wanted to drive efficient eFiles and engagement during tax season.


We explored content environments frequented by people in the tax mindset to reach ideal audiences with highly relevant pre-roll video inventory.

Our custom Content Targets included content around: the client’s brand, competing tax filing services, tax preparation information, plus non-endemic environments such as rewards credit cards and relevant tech/business news for young professionals. We tested and optimized toward the content that resonated best, engaging ideal consumers with the brand’s message.


The “Young Professionals” target had the highest video completion rate of all topics, surpassing endemic tax prep content. This, combined with our unique lens for defining audiences, resulted in beating the client’s well-honed CPA benchmark by 34% and winning incremental budget during the flight.

Spectrum Finance Case Study: Tax Season Preparation Software

Are you advertising for clients in the finance industry? Contact us to learn how we can achieve your brands goals:

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Do you have an advertising campaign that reaches a target audience who is interested in hunting? Using Spectrum’s Audience Intelligence Report, we can compare endemic hunting content to other topics in our taxonomy. This results in additional ways to reach hunters beyond endemic hunting content as they’re consuming other topics of interest to them.

Applying Spectrum’s Audience Intelligence Report to our custom hunting segment, we found that hunters read/watch content about the following topics, more often than other users online: Politics, Weather, Movies & TV, Pet Owners, Fishing, Hiking, Home Improvement, and Trucks.

Hunting Audience Intelligence Report Spectrum Media Services Cookieless Audience Extension

Our Audience Intelligence Report is useful for your brand by expanding page-level and/or audience segments to increase the scale of your media campaign. Using Spectrum’s cookieless audience extension becomes increasingly important in a privacy-focused world, so you can connect with your audience outside of the endemic content we know they are interested in. By applying our Audience Intelligence Report to active campaigns, we’ve been able to improve campaign performance and want to help your brand do the same. Contact us to learn more.

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Spectrum's Audience Intelligence Report: Hunting

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