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With summer in full swing, many consumers have been searching for the best summer recipes online. Within our custom “Summer Recipes” Content Target, our platform can find pages about specific seasonal recipes versus a page with the word ‘summer’ and/or ‘recipe’ on it, because Spectrum understands pages at the topic-level – not just through a few isolated keywords. Therefore, we are able to pick up on topics such as summer ingredients, grilling recipes, and backyard BBQ favorites.

Content around summer recipes has continued increasing from Memorial Day to the 4th of July, and we do not expect this content trend to decrease anytime soon. In the last 30 days alone there have been 561 million cookieless opportunities on 99 thousand pages available for targeting. The pages people are reading most often include: grilling recipes for ribs, chicken, & burgers, pies & no-bake recipes for desserts, and the best recipes to make when it’s too hot outside.

Spectrum Media Services’ cookieless solution is the next generation of audience targeting. Using our “Summer Recipes” Content Target is a great way to reach online grocery shoppers, people planning or attending socially distant backyard BBQ gatherings, or anyone searching for a new recipe to incorporate into their weekly meal plan. We can connect with your ideal target audience, at the page-level, without using cookies. Contact us to learn more.

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As many small businesses across the country have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, content about loans has been top of mind for this audience. Within Spectrum’s “Small Business Loans” Content Target, we have seen over 81 million cookieless opportunities across 66 thousand pages available to target in the last 30 days.

With many companies having to shut down or reduce operations at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, content about the Payment Protection Program was read about most often. Since our platform monitors content consumption trends over-time, we have been able to see how topics have started to shift. As expected, initial content around PPP discussed how to apply for the loan, whereas the most recent spike in content occurred at the beginning of June when the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act was approved, allowing small business owners to use different allocations for spending the loan. There is also a chance that this specific small business topic might increase again if there is another round of PPP funding. We can also create custom targeting segments around tips for re-opening your business and adhering to CDC guidelines, as these are other important topics for small business owners impacted by COVID-19.

If you have a campaign targeting small business owners, Spectrum’s cookieless targeting solution is an ideal substitution to your cookie-targeting. Since our topic engine monitors specific pages that consumers are reading, we can offer better segmentation to generate better results. We can align with content that trends throughout your campaign, allowing you to reach small business owners, consuming content around PPP and other relevant SMB topics, when they’ll be receptive to your message. Contact us to learn more.

Hispanic Banking Case Study


A major bank wanted to increase awareness of its mobile banking app among Hispanic adults using Spanish-language CTV and in-stream video ads.


  1. Set up in-stream video targeting to Spanish-language browsers only.

  2. Applied Hispanic audience targeting to CTV inventory, with a set number of impressions targeted to SlingTV specifically.

  3. Optimized towards the client’s KPIs of viewability, video completion rate, click through rate, and delivery on CTV.


Delivered strong results across all performance metrics:

  • Client required 1/3 of the campaign be delivered on CTV inventory, and we surpassed this goal by 24.3%.

  • Exceeded the client’s SlingTV impression delivery goal by 32%.

  • Achieved 80% viewability, outperforming the 70% viewability benchmark by 14.3%.

  • Delivered a 0.58% CTR, beating the client’s 0.50% CTR goal by 16%.

  • Fulfilled the client’s 90% VCR goal.

Spectrum’s ability to serve Spanish-language videos to Hispanic adults has allowed the bank to increase awareness of its mobile banking app to their desired target audience.


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