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Every company needs great advisers who are excited about what the company is doing and relevant to the company’s mission. Spectrum has had the privilege of adding respected advisers in the industry like Jonathan Ewert to our team.

Jonathan has served as an investor, CEO, and board member in internet search, social media, data management, and internet infrastructure.

We are thrilled to have Jonathan’s help in gaining awareness of our digital marketing solutions as digital privacy regulations grow and cookie-based targeting fades to black.

Please join us in his official welcome to the Spectrum team.

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Spectrum’s proprietary platform monitors content consumption trends in real-time, but also has an 18-month lookback window of article pages that have been read and watched online. This lookback into content consumption is extremely insightful to see how content trends year over year.

Last year’s pre-COVID Thanksgiving season included information around guides for hosting Thanksgiving, gift ideas for Thanksgiving hosts, and best recipes to feed a crowd.

As we approach Thanksgiving this year, content consumption trends have included ways to celebrate Thanksgiving on a smaller scale, how to celebrate Thanksgiving online, and information about the virtual Macy’s Day parade.

While we live in a world of this “new normal,” consumers will still be celebrating the holidays in ways that they’re comfortable with. Don’t miss your opportunity to connect with your ideal audience as they’re engaging with content that resonates with them this season. Contact us to learn how Spectrum can achieve your holiday campaign goals with our managed service or programmatic offerings.

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Spectrum’s contextual targeting platform monitors content consumption trends in real-time and can look back at content consumption trends up to 18 months. Using our Audience Intelligence Report, we can also take endemic in-market auto shopper content and compare it to other topics in our taxonomy. This results in additional ways to reach auto shoppers beyond endemic content as they’re reading/watching other topics of interest to them.

During Q4 of 2019, the most popular content consumption trends occurred surrounding the LA Auto Show. Before the event, Ford released a teaser video for its Mustang-inspired EV crossover that was expected to debut. During the auto show, there was the most online buzz around Tesla’s Cybertruck.

Since this year’s auto shows have been postponed due to COVID, we know content consumption will look different as we approach the end of 2020. Within the last 30 days, Spectrum has found topics around car buying tips during a pandemic & lists for the best 2020 vehicles to be the most frequent among consumption.

To expand beyond these topics, Spectrum’s Audience Intelligence Report found that auto shoppers read/watch content about the following topics more often than other users online: electric/hybrid vehicles, trucks/SUVs, Android/iOS, music news, entrepreneurship, professional sports, nutritious recipes, and photography.

Using Spectrum’s cookieless audience extension becomes increasingly important in a privacy-focused world, so you can connect with your audience outside of the endemic content we know they are interested in. We’ve improved performance on many auto campaigns by applying our Audience Intelligence Report, and we want to help your brand do the same. Connect with us to learn more about aligning with real-time content trends and using Spectrum’s cookieless audience extension to further extend the reach of your advertising campaigns.

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